When Is It Time For A Website Redesign?

There are some questions you should consider before proceeding with a redesign of your website.

Does your website enable visitors to become clients easily? This process is called “conversion”. When visitors arrive at your site they should be able to easily navigate to areas of interest. They should also be able to complete some level of action (supply information about an inquiry or make a purchase). The steps to completing such functions should not be complicated, nor should they be hard to find.

Are you offering new or different services that need to be communicated through your site? If you have made changes to your product or service offering, then your site should include information about those new items. However, it is best not to just cram new content in without a real plan. The content needs to have purpose in order to reach your end goal, which is conversion.

Have you redefined your brand? Has your company logo or identity changed? Updating your website offers the opportunity to update your company’s message in conjunction with the change of identity. Many times replacing an old logo with the new without updating the whole site is not the best solution. The fact that your brand identity has changed signifies some shift in how the company is to be presented. Adding a new logo to stale text will not improve the overall message about your business. The message should be cohesive and clear.

Is the look of your site dated? The layout, colors and graphic element usage of your site works to portray an image of your company. All aspects of your site (design & content) should reflect your company’s understanding of technology. A site may benefit from highly interactive components, such as Flash. However, in most cases it is not necessary to achieve success in delivering informative content that drives visitors to a specific call to action.

Considering a website redesign requires more than creating a new layout and color scheme. Your goals should include the development of a site that enhances your business presence, while providing an effective way for new & current clients to conduct business with your company. In addition to the design strategy, you should pay careful attention to the marketing strategy of your site. The efforts to bring qualified traffic to the site are as important as the design and functionality of the site itself. Position on search engines is key to acquiring qualified traffic, as that offers the greatest potential for qualified leads and ultimately increased sales.

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